Sunday, 4 October 2015

The God Delusion - 2

Did religions evolve to deal with man's fears? That is, man's instinct for survival is so great that  he has to come up with creative imaginations which allow him to believe that part of him exists after death. I mean, it is not easy to accept if someone said "When you are dead, you are just dead. End of story. Nothing concerning  you ever happens after that". The denial is instinctive. And hence religion. Just a theory!

Even if there is a god, like "Tyler Durden" says, what if that god does not like us? That is, what if all life is sort of  factory made and the manufacturer is just some profiteer? You are driven with instincts which your manufacturer put there to achieve his goal. Like computers made at HP or Dell, life is also "made". Someone is "using" us. But we shall never know what our "use" is. Just like the computers will never know of man's existence. Meaning just like the computer does not have the capacity(at least at the current state-of-the-art) to comprehend man, man cannot comprehend his maker. It does not make our god an embodiment of love or whatever crap that religions make him out to be.  Just somebody who gets things done out of his creation? And we shall never know and there is no point trying to know either?

I'm not going to debate  about whether god exists or not. He may or may not exist. One thing I'm very convinced is that he not does not exist in the form that the current religions portray. 

Man, like any other organism is driven by instincts and naturally we have an instinct to "survive". For all other animals, the survival instinct does not go beyond finding the next meal or getting away from danger. Man having an evolved and creative brain had gone further. Not being able to accept death as the end, the creative brain can easily come up with theories that say part of him is going to live forever. And this is out of the survival instinct may be. Instincts are so powerful that we first do things we are driven to do and then come up with reasons as to why we did it. Probably in most cases we just see what we want to see, rather than what is! This is definitely evident in our daily lives. So telling anyone "when you are dead, you are just dead. nothing concerning you happens ever after your death" is never going to convince them because it is not about the logic of the argument. It is about what each one of you "want" to see.

 When shit goes down, you want someone to tell you all will be well. Not necessary that god needs to tell you. It is sufficient if some godman tells you as well. You have a need to "know" that it is all part of a "plan" (remember the Joker from dark knight?). Your mind cannot take it as "random" because "random" scares the shit out of you. "Random" means anything can happen. But no, you cannot take that. You are so intelligent, so good, never even hurt a fly, never even took a puff and look both sides when crossing the road. Just for some more insurance you visit a holy place every year and donate to charity as well. And how can "random" happen to you? But "random" does happen, does'nt it? Starting from tsunami, uttarakhand flood, mecca accident, earthquakes to regular road accidents and suicides and so on! god is just mysterious? Or "karma" would explain all of it, would'nt it? "sins" from previous births? You have to be assured it was all "planned", don't you?

There is also the factor of grief while you are living. Fear of losing what we have, fear of never getting what you want, all this pushes you to believe as well.  At best, what religion does is prepare you to face death. You believe, my body is dying but my spirit is going to go.... where ever it is going to go!!

Just read an article that said belief in god is strengthened when you have the "what would have happened" moments. That is, when you get saved from some serious trouble, you start thinking "what would have happened" if that particular event had happened (or not happened). Then you start associating god factor into it and assume you got saved. 

Fear is such a powerful force. Our sudden technological advance has made this instinct mostly useless or vestigial. But our brain has not yet adapted to down-tune this fear factor. I'm not criticizing evolution but may be technology messed up with evolution. There is another evidence supporting the fact. Look at all the obese gluttons. Brain is still hardwired to activate the pleasure zone as you hog like a pig. An old mechanism designed to work well when food was scarce. Same thing still keeps firing when food is just abundant.

So, why do I say all this when I believe people will still stick to their viewpoint. As I said, just to see if anyone thinks the same way. Right now would be a good time to rubbish religion and stop living in the past ignorance. It is absolutely a waste of time trying to look for wisdom from thousands of years ago! The latest generation is supposed to smarter than the previous. So, the smartest man is yet to be born. Here are some counter arguments;  do you think you are smarter than Isaac Newton who lived 300 years ago?Are you not going to believe in the laws of motion? Are you going to call them as rubbish? No. Of course I know for a fact I am not smarter than Newton. But do you believe, there are no scientists existing now who are smarter than Newton? I do not. 

If we agree religions are lies then what answers do you have for "why do we exist? purpose of life? etc. My point is, unless you rubbish the older theories you are never going to even start looking for the right answers. Only when I realize I am a fool I shall start looking for wisdom. 


  1. Post death existence and rebirth theories are in fact built to counter comments why did the bad guy go unpunishe by God. With this theory religion can always explain in next rebirth God will punish him. For me most religious theories looks evolved to counter the logical statements from non believers. By carefully choosing theories that cannot be verified scientifically or common knowledge.

  2. ---------> excellent ---->

    make the rule, learn the rule, break the rule and make new rule. That's how, we humans evolved.